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European Business Journal

Today, the Italian family company from Genoa is one of the top 10 players in the Italian seafood and fish market. Likewise, it serves an international clientele with its superior products.
When Antonio Verrini started his operations at Genoa’s fish market in the 1950s, the fish trader first focused on selling fresh local and domestic fish from Italian shores, but soon he imported fresh fish directly from other European countries and from North Africa.

In the 1980s, the company expanded its radius and Antonio Verrini & Figli was the first to fly in fresh fish and seafood from overseas. “This might sound normal today, but in those years it was quite exotic,” says Manuel Verrini, CEO and member of the board.
Antonio Verrini ensures that the fresh fish arrives at its final destination as fast as possible.

Together with his three brothers, Mr. Verrini manages the globally active company today that employs a workforce of 55 people, in addition to 15 external staff members. “About ten years ago, we introduced frozen fish. It is caught and processed directly at sea in special factory ships, thus guaranteeing the high quality we are known for.”

Today, Antonio Verrini has become a well-known name in the import business, providing five main fish and seafood categories, focusing on live products, fresh products, fish-farming products, frozen products and smoked and preserved products, with fresh fish accounting for 60 to 70% of the sales volume.

“Live products include various types of crustaceans and all seafood, while fresh fish might be any fish that is edible. Fish-farming products have become popular. We ensure that we only cooperate with selected fish farms that guarantee that all supplied products are raised as naturally as possible,” points out Mr. Verrini.

Despite the huge success in the import business, the fish specialist emerged on a new adventure in 2011 by starting to export fresh seafood and fish from the Mediterranean to an international customer base, “This new business strategy has turned into a real success,” says Mr. Verrini. “The demand from France is quite high, but we predict that the Middle East, the Emirates, the Far East and the USA will turn out to be interesting markets for exporting locally sourced Mediterranean fish and seafood.”

Antonio Verrini is going to focus on local products in order to establish a ‘0 km’ logistics system. The excellent price-quality ratio gives Antonio Verrini & Figli a competitive edge in the market. “We operate our own branches in Italy and can fall back on five cold storage facilities,” states Manuel Verrini. It seems that Antonio Verrini is well prepared to meet future challenges in both the import and export business.

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